Is it just us or is this what the latest diaper bags look like?!

 Okay, so it's not an actual diaper bag. But it can be yours from  Hammacher Schlemmer  for about half the price.

Okay, so it's not an actual diaper bag. But it can be yours from Hammacher Schlemmer for about half the price.

Small handbags have been a big fashion trend for years as clutches, cross-body bags and mini backpacks return to the runway year after year, and more women leave heavy totes behind. So why are we still hauling extra-large diaper bags? Many moms say we need the space for all our "just in case" supplies. But the extras we carry can add up and weigh us down to cut adventures with our little ones short. Here are a few hacks to lighten things up…

1.    Ditch too many diapers
Take just a few if you’ll be out and about for the day and enough for a day if you’ll be flying (in case of delays). Pair with a few wipes in a travel dispenser or snack-size plastic bag and leave the rest behind. Then fill your glove compartment or carry-on with extras of everything so you’re ready to restock.

2.     Scrap the snacks
Parenting experts say the “snack epidemic” is hurting kids' eating habits and their health. Help curb kids’ round-the-clock snacking with something small (a piece of fruit or a fruit strip) or nothing at all (reassure them the next meal will be that much butter as in French Kids Eat Everything).

3.     Find free refills
Break free of extra bulk by taking a small to medium water or baby bottle per kid and finding refills along the way. Most restaurants either have self-serve beverage stations or are happy to fill kids' bottles. And coffee shops are a great place to stop for milk or warm water for baby bottles. Also stay tuned for small and stealthy Globetot bottles coming soon...

4.     Trade out your wallet
Trade an unwieldy wallet for just your phone with a sticker pocket or case with card holder. Then take just what you need to seize the day with your phone, ID and a credit card or two.

4.     Swap sanitizers
Leave behind bigger bottles of hand sanitizer and replace them with a small spray pen. They’re easier to carry and provide a perfect portion for small hands, too.

5.     Slim your sunscreen
Same thing for your sunscreen. Invest in a small spray bottle to refill with liquid sunscreen or seek out a slim sunscreen stick or sunscreen wipes to stay light even when it's bright out.

6.     Downsize extra outfits
Trade out multiple garments (shirt, shorts and undies can all add up) and carry a romper for each kid instead. Also be on the lookout for our Globetot adventure clothes coming soon…

7.     Bring a blanket
A blanket can be a sun shade, burp cloth, clean play or crawl space, changing pad and more. Keep another in the car or your carry-on, in case one gets dirty.

8.     Take only the best, tiniest toys
A few of our favorite fun and portable options are Water Wow books; playpacks (coloring books, stickers and Crayons); pull-to-vibrate toys that attach to the outside of your bag and double as a teething ring; mini bubble wands or balloons.

10.  Opt for the right bag
The bigger the bag, the more likely we all are to fill it to the brim. If we start small, we're more likely to bring only what we need. Also look for a diaper bag with thicker, supportive, convertible straps so it can be worn on your back or cross-body so you can be hands-free.