With back-to-school craziness, it’s easy to lose your sense of adventure and start to feel a bit fragmented as a family. Fall is the perfect time to reconnect beyond school and sports.

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate the cooler season together...

1. Autumn Adventure at Home

There are plenty of adventures your family can have in your own backyard if you look for them.

Start your morning by collecting seeds from flowers in your yard. This is a fun activity that helps you not only celebrate fall, but also anticipate planting seeds again in spring. While planning your spring colors, plant some bulbs for your first spring blooms together.

While you’re outside, rake leaves and add a little fun to the chore by jumping into piles together. When the work/play is done, enjoy s’mores outside (around a campfire or fresh from the microwave) with fun, flavored ‘mallows like Smashmallow for a taste adventure.


2. Autumn Adventure On The Trail

Fall is also the perfect time for a family hike. A good, old-fashioned scavenger hunt is the perfect way to keep kids engaged as you explore. Create a checklist of natural items (leaves of all colors, mushrooms, lichen, moss, birds, squirrels, types of trees) or cash in on the geocaching trend. Geocaching is a worldwide scavenger hunt that incorporates your GPS so you can find hidden treasures (and leave a few, too!). It’s sure to be active, memorable and educational.


3. Autumn Adventure with Crafts

While on your hike, collect items for fall crafts. You can make a pretty wreath with leaves and pinecones, make leaf rubbings or paper plate art to hang in the windows, or even grab pine cones to fill with peanut butter and seeds to use as bird feeders. Nature provides all that you need to spend a morning hiking and an afternoon crafting.


3. Autumn Adventure On the Farm

There is no better time to visit your local farm than the fall. There is a plethora of produce that is ripe for the picking, including apples, pears, and pumpkins. Many farms also have special activities or fall festivals. Bounce along in a hayride, get lost in a towering corn maze, rise to the challenge of choosing the perfect pumpkin. Make memories and leave with tasty treats too.

Travel Tip: Turn your trip to the farm into a mini road trip by choosing to visit one outside your neighborhood. Pack fall-themed snacks, sing songs, and play car games along the way!


5. Autumn Adventure Serving Others

Serving others is always in season so when you’re making crafts, consider making extras to take to a retirement home or teachers. Plan a sneak attack on your neighbor by raking their leaves with your own. Kids get a kick out of surprises and learning to do nice things for others cheerfully is invaluable.

Fall is the perfect time to regroup and make sure that your family is connected. It can take a little planning, but the memories you make together will be sweeter than pumpkin spice.