Meet Lisa Treviso-Jones, mom to Arlo (4) and Ira (6), wife to Eric, and clinical speech pathologist at the University of Colorado Hospital. 

1.     What has been your greatest adventure with kids?

Our first overnight rafting trip! We floated and camped with a two-year-old and a five-year-old. We were freaking out that the kids wouldn’t be entertained, but they entertained themselves. We saw them have the time of their lives, watching the water go up and down, singing songs, looking at wildlife, chasing frogs. They loved it and it was so nice to connect as a family.


Also, our first trip to Mexico. My parents are bilingual, but wanted us to assimilate to American culture so they didn’t speak Spanish to us. I took Spanish in high school, but didn’t solidify my Spanish until traveling to South America when taking a year off between undergrad and grad school… My older child didn’t understand the importance of learning Spanish until he played with kids from Mexico and quickly connected learning Spanish to communicating with other children from a different country.


2.   What are some of your favorite everyday adventures together?

On the weekends, we get out our bike setup, the Weehoo, and we go all around town: the Children’s Museum, ice cream shop, friends’ houses… it’s so easy to cruise around and the kids love it. In the winter, we rent ski gear and set up a little ramp in our backyard so the kids can practice on skis. A lot of parents think they have to go to a ski resort, but you don’t have to feel guilty about spending a ton of money. Just setup the backyard, and come in for hot chocolate and cookies when they get tired.

3.   Where do you find parenting inspiration, ideas and encouragement?

Mostly from parents with older kids who also love traveling, going on hut trips or family vacations out of the country. A friend of mine with older kids always says, “you’re going to forget 10% of what you need. Just make sure it’s not the most important 10%.” Words to live by.


4.   What do you wish you had known or done before having kids?

My husband and I waited for quite a while to have kids because we were so worried we wouldn’t be able to travel anymore. Having kids has changed the way we travel, but it hasn’t stopped our fun. Before we’d just go and figure it out. Now it just requires a little more planning. We need a place to stay. Not just a backpack.

5.   What advice do you have for other parents trying to explore more?

Just try it! Before we go on any adventure, I’m always a little nervous about how things will turn out. But once we do it, it’s always great. During our overnight raft trip this past summer, there was a horrible storm. It was a little crazy… but when the kids saw the parents laughing afterwards, using duct tape to repair the tent poles that broke, they knew it was alright. Even in the bad times, it ends up being funny or a learning experience.

6.   Which top two things can you not live without when out and about with kids?

Always bring your duct tape! Also snacks and water.

7.   What do you want your child to learn about the world?

How much beauty there is in nature and how amazing it is to experience other cultures. Also, how learning Spanish, or any other language, will allow for an instant connection.


8.   What’s your parenting motto?

“You don’t know until you try it!” I try and remind myself of the same thing when we are about to embark on a bigger adventure. I was nervous about many of our camping, rafting, traveling adventures, but many of them have now become our annual trips - and now we bring along our friends!