Meet Mickey Citarella, dad to Mac (two years old) and a baby girl due in January, husband to Megan, language enthusiast and advertising account director. 

1. What has been your greatest adventure with kids?

My wife and I love traveling. It’s something we’ve bonded over - our love of the world and experiencing new places. When Mac was four months old, we took him to France and Ireland. He was in a baby carrier from sunrise to sunset, and we all loved it.


2. What are some of your favorite everyday adventures together?

Every day after dinner, we take an adventure to a little park in our neighborhood. He practices new modes of transportation (bike, scooter, tricycle) and we find new things along the way. That’s what’s fun about kids. There are things I would never notice that he does. He makes it all more fun.

3. Where do you find parenting inspiration, ideas and encouragement?

From Facebook groups (like Globetot) and Instagram accounts (like Dad Threads). Also just going outside and playing together.


4. What do you wish you had known or done before having kids?

I wish I had known how you need to embrace the present as a parent. Kids aren’t worried about the past or future. Now I try not to worry about work or what stresses me out. The moments I’m most happy with my family are when I do that. I see other parents looking at their phones while kids are playing. There’s no joy in that. I try to embrace the moment with him.

5. What advice do you have for other parents trying to explore more?

Just do it! The prospect of flying with kids is scary, staying in hotels is scary, getting off schedules is scary, but you never regret the trips you take with your kids. I love the everyday moments, but we bond as a family when we get away and experience something new.


6. Which top two things can you not live without when out and about with kids?

Preparation is key. You need to have the right amount… not too much, not too little. We pack pretty lightly, but always need diapers, extra outfits, water and a snack.

7. What do you want your child to learn about the world?

The world is meant for experiencing so get out and enjoy it! The more you do it, the more you’re willing to learn and apply new perspectives. I hope my son has the same travel bug, curiosity and empathy we try to have so that he cares about other people.

8. What’s your parenting motto?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Parenting can be scary, but it’s going to be fine. Embrace the present see the world through kids’ eyes because it’s so much fun to rediscover it again.